Introducing MyNISSAN: Mobile Nissan Connectivity Services

Welcome to the reinvented MyNISSAN mobile app -- an immersive vehicle ownership experience right in the palm of your hand! By seamlessly fusing all your favorite features from the previous NissanConnect Services and MyNISSAN Owners apps, this all-in-one mobile experience will triumphantly level up your interaction with your Nissan vehicle.

Through your compatible smartphone, gain unlimited access to crucial owner information, round-the-clock emergency roadside assistance, service and maintenance features, vehicle functionality, like remote start, and so much more. To learn more, read on about the many different MyNISSAN app features, then visit our Nissan dealership near Stockbridge for further details.

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MyNissan App

Emergency Services

In an emergency, count on the MyNISSAN app to provide you with immediate access to services like roadside assistance, towing, emergency contact and more. With MyNISSAN, you'll never be alone should something happen to you on the road.

Maintenance Support

Conveniently store your service history and consistently monitor your vehicle health with remote odometer and tire pressure tracking.1 You can also access your vehicle's service history and even schedule Nissan service in Union City or at another local Nissan dealership of your choice.

Remote Vehicle Access

The MyNISSAN app allows you to remotely control different vehicle functionalities like the remote start, door locks, horn, lights and more, all from the convenience of your palm. Manage ownership information of multiple Nissan vehicles via your profile and get instant updates on Nissan recalls, vehicle notices, warranty information and comprehensive vehicle health reports.1

Critical Vehicle Alerts

Alerts such as valet, drive zone, curfew, speed and even stolen vehicle tracking notifications ensure you always remain in control and informed. Should you need assistance, theMyNISSAN customer service team is just a tap away for chat support. Talk to them for directions to a nearby Nissan dealership or have them put you in touch with a Nissan agent.1

Specialized EV App Support

For Nissan LEAF® owners, a robust NissanConnect® EV app with Services powered by SiriusXM® delivers identical features as the MyNISSAN app, along with unique conveniences designed specifically to support your electric vehicle ownership needs.1

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In the event of an accident or roadside incident, the MyNISSAN app can connect you with the services you need.

  • Roadside assistance 
  • Towing roadside pick up information
  • Accident helper
  • Emergency contact
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Store your service history and routinely check your vehicle health with tools like remote odometer and tire pressure reading features.

  • Recalls and other vehicle notices
  • Service history
  • Schedule Service
  • Warranty information
  • Vehicle health report
  • Remote odometer
  • Remote tire pressure
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Remote Vehicle Functionality

Turn on, turn off, lock, and more from the Controls section of the MyNISSAN app with your choice of subscription.

  • Remote start/turn off 
  • Remote lock/unlock
  • Remote horn
  • Lights
  • Location services
  • Point of interest search
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Keep track of the ownership information for one or more Nissan vehicles, including your owner profile, vehicle details, and important guides and manuals. 

  • Owners manuals
  • Addition & removal of vehicles, VINs, and license plates
  • Profile management
  • Communication preferences
  • Privacy, policies, and permissions
  • Subscription information
  • Remote data wipe
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Get notifications if your vehicle is driving out of your set bounds, above your set speed, or even past the time of your choosing.

  • Valet alert
  • Drive zone alert
  • Curfew alert
  • Speed alert
  • Stolen vehicle tracking
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Customer Support

Not sure what feature you're looking for, or know the feature but can't find it here? The MyNISSAN app has an answer for that too. 

  • Chat with a Nissan agent
  • Dealer locator with hours
  • NMAC Link
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